Western Circuit

The Western Circuit falls under the western highlands which lace a ridge of Rift Valley escarpment, high above Lake Tanganyika and within the game-filled enclaves that sit along its spine there exist two small perfectly formed worlds of natural splendour, and one vast expanse of prime African bush.

lion reflection in the water
luguan colour
two cheetas

Gombe Stream National Park

Gombe Stream, at 52 square kilometer, is the smallest of Tanzania’s national parks. A mountainous strip that borders the shores of Lake Tanganyika and 16 kilometers north of Kigoma . Gombe Stream provides a fragile strip of habitat for man’s closest genetic relative, the chimpanzee.This is where Jane Goodall began her world-famous chimpanzee behavioral research program in 1960 and the chimps, habituated tohuman presence, are commonly seen, especially during the dry season. In addition, beachcomber olive baboons and red-tailed and red colobus monkeys — the latter regularly hunted by chimps — are found in this park, along with 200 bird species. Things to do:
Birding Safaris, Mountain Climbing, Walking Safaris,Wildlife Safaris

Mahale Mountains National Park

The park borders Lake Tanganyika, estimated to be the second largest as well as the second deepest lake in the world and home to approximately 1000 fish species. The lake provides opportunities for snorkeling and sports fishing.  In addition, an estimated 900 wild chimpanzees make the preserve their home. These are best observed during the May-October dry season. The Mahale Chain of mountains is very popular for hiking. This southerly park is approximately 150 kilometers from Kigoma.


Things to do:
Boating and Canoeing, Diving and Snorkelling, Fishing, Mountain Climbing, Walking Safaris.


Katavi National Park


Katavi has been called the Serengeti of southwestern Tanzania. Its 4471 square kilometer expanse harbors more hippos and Nile crocodiles than anywhere else in East Africa.  During the May to October dry season, the Katuma River is the single source of water for much of the wildlife in the park.  Large herds of elephants, thousands of buffalo, great numbers of giraffe, zebra, impala and reedbuck gather there, attracting predatory prides of lions and spotted hyenas. As the waters become shallower, hippos congregate more and more tightly, sparking daily battles among the males. The park is 630 kilometer from Kigoma.

Things to do:
Birding Safaris, Boating and Canoeing, Walking Safaris, Wildlife Safaris