Taking part in a safari walk throughout the bush is a breathtaking experience. It is a unique opportunity which will make you feel like part of the wildlife and allow you to interact directly with the ecosystem. You will be accompanied by a watchman and a fully qualified, armed guide.

Here are just some of the highlights that you will get on a walking holiday in Tanzania with our company.

  • Small groups or entirely individual walking/trekking.
  • A wonderful selection of walking/trekking at Mountain Kilimanjaro, Mountain Oldoinyo Lengai,Lake Natron, Ngorongoro highland
  • Learn so much more on foot, your senses are acute, the scent of sage plants come alive in the early morning dew
  • the homeopathic properties of plants and trees and bush folklore are explained in detail
  • the adrenaline courses through your veins tracking an elephant on foot, keeping downwind, moving with the herd.
  • learning about spoor marks, identifying game trails and movements taken place during the night and following the tracks of nocturnal creatures.

Of course, nothing replaces actually experiencing this kind of holiday for yourself.

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