Classic Safaris


When considering the classic Safari options includes the experiences that define us and all we love about travel. It is something that is timeless with the perfect mix of comfort and adventure…Our classic safaris are the definition of flexibility. It is what the majority of our clients end up booking, a tailor-made experience not focused on one activity but instead experiencing Africa the perfect way for them. We have many options for your preference and you can simply contact us and we’ll go through the details together.



Many Amazing things


Game drive in open vehicle

The Game drive safari drive in open vehicle Expert guides will accompany you to discover the rare behavior of some of the most spectacular animals which walk the Earth.


Game drive in close vehicle

During the Game drive (in an enclosed vehicle) you’ll be guided to the most strategic viewpoints where you’ll be able to witness scenes involving protagonists of the Savannah.

Discovering the Savannah at night is, without a doubt, a very impressive experience, especially if you’re lucky enough to be accompanied by the glimmering light of the African moon … you’ll see all of those animals which are rare to see during the day, due to the fact that they’re timid; you’ll even have the opportunity to see fierce hunting scenes, because when night falls, the predators begin to search for their prey!


Chimp trekking

Is an experience which will leave you speechless; we’re sure that you’ll carry this memory in your heart for the rest of your life. Take a trip on a traditional African dhow boat, then do some fishing and have a swim in the fantastic Lake Tanganyika. All these amazing trips can be summed up with relaxation at white beaches of Zanzibar.

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